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MITIE on ClickView Live

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You can watch the MITIE Education event recordings below.

Past MITIE Live Events

MITIE at St Patrick’s College

The term 1 conference was held at St Patrick’s College, Strathfield NSW, on Tuesday 11th April 2017. Thanks to St Patrick’s Principal Dr Craig Wattam and IT Manager Adam Abbate for supporting MITIE by hosting this event.

MITIE at Forbes 1

Introduction and Welcome followed by two presentations: Red Bend CC ICT Overview by Sam McCarthy | 2400 Chromebooks 1:1 across all schools, VC, Remote Support by Matt Smith, ICT Director CEO Wilcannia Forbes.

MITIE at Forbes 2

Find out Real Life DR in the Forbes Floods – going into survival mode by Daniel Gordon, Sam McCarthy and Others | What the NBN means for regional schools and their students by Lalla Mackenzie | The Dish – A Technology Perspective – Do we need 60 Gbps AARNET, of course we do! by John Sarkissian, CSIRO.

MITIE at Forbes 3

BYOD in Central West NSW DEC Schools by Andrew Hetherington, Head Teacher BYOD, DEC NSW | Mine Automation, Underground Mining by remote control by Alan McKellar, Superintendent Mine Operations – Northparkes Mine.

MITIE at Giant Steps 1

This section includes the Welcome & Introduction, Giant Steps ICT Overview from Ally Eddy and presentation from Holly Gyton, Deputy Head of School at SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

MITIE at Giant Steps 2

This section includes three workshops, ‘SSO Solutions’, ‘Data Sovereignty and Privacy, a School’s Responsibility?’ and ‘Identity Management’. Lastly, Justin Raymond from Pymble Ladies’ College will also discuss one school’s journey to real time reporting.

MITIE at Giant Steps 3

In this section Nick Cross and Les Johnson present ‘Get qualified – what qualifications should you consider when planning your career’. Also included ‘AISNSW ICT Leadership Course’ from Peter Anderson and ‘MITIE Where to from here?’ from the members of the MITIE steering committee.

MITIE at Inaburra School Bangor 1

This section includes the Welcome & Introduction, Inaburra ICT Overview from Tim Pinnock and a presentation from Co-Founder of Courageous Leaders, Mandy Holloway.

MITIE at Inaburra School Bangor 2

This section includes two workshops, “Trusted Advisor” and “Managing Files in the Cloud”. Lastly, John Mullins from North Geelong Secondary School will also discuss high speed internet access in Geelong.

MITIE at Inaburra School Bangor 3

This section includes a panel discussion from David Roberts at Newington College Sydney, Margaret Miller, Moriah College, Jenny Pearce, The King’s School.

CCGS Section 1

This section includes Welcome & Introduction, CCGS IT Overview – Auditorium and Innovation in Classroom Design – what’s the problem?

CCGS Section 2

This section includes Workshop A: Architecture and ICT, Selecting and or evaluating your SMS and You can’t be what you can’t see.

CCGS Section 3 part 1

This section includes “The future depends on what you do today”. Mahatma Gandhi. Your career in ICT – panel discussion.

CCGS Section 3 part 2

This section includes the last part of the School ICT Audits panel, Electromagnetic Radiation: Safe Levels in Schools and MITIE Update and what can we learn from our Forum.

UNE Kirby Smart Farm

UNE’s Smart Farm collects data from sold, plant and atmospheric probes, satellites and other sources, then tries to make sense of this for better productivity. How do you gather these data and then, how do you interrogate it?

UNE Health Project

The UNE Health Project is designed for remote medical diagnosis, but you’ll be surprised what else it can accomplish.


UNE has placed a lot of emphasis on STEM, especially in its teacher training. We take a tour and learn about its future.

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