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ClickView for Primary combines curriculum-aligned, ad-free video content with timesaving, teacher centric features to help inspire and engage students.

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Trusted both in and outside the classroom, ClickView is used by over 5,000 schools.

Why people love using ClickView

  • World-class educational content that’s curriculum aligned
  • Differentiated and tailored teaching with Classrooms and Groups
  • Saving you time with printable resources, activities and plans
  • Interactive quizzes to test student understanding
  • Easy-to-create video clips and playlists
  • Analytics overview that captures formative assessment results
  • Simplified login with usernames for young learners
  • Seamless integration into your school’s LMS

The best movies and broadcast TV – all ad-free

ClickView’s Movies + TV selection educates and entertains students with captivating films, inspiring theatre and world-class documentaries in a safe and secure environment.

  • Content is handpicked for students and includes world-class documentaries like David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, Disney films and their favourite animated television programs.
  • Teachers and parents have complete peace of mind as students only see relevant and age-appropriate content.
  • All movies and TV programs are free from ads to ensure nothing disrupts student’s viewing whether at home, or at school.


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  • Closed captions, with adjustable font size
  • Immersive reader
  • Dark mode
  • Keyboard shortcuts when using Player
  • Variable playback speed to control learning pace
  • Large interactive buttons for ease of use.

ClickView has empowered educators and students worldwide with engaging video-led learning experiences.

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Patricia Tizard

Year 3 Teacher & I.C.T Leader, Cromer Public School

“Being able to show a video helps the children who are visual learners, it helps the children who are auditory learners, and it doesn’t matter where they are in their learning journey they can all take something in.

Whereas if you were just giving them plain text, you’d have to assume that they can read at a certain level to be able to comprehend what you’re teaching them”

Lisa Nash

Digital Learning and Library Services Officer, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta

“The ClickView team is so knowledgeable about what’s required in schools and cognizant of the fact that teachers are time-poor, always thinking about how they can make things easier and more accessible.”

Wendy Jeffrey

Librarian, East Adelaide Primary School

“The YouTube approach doesn’t work for kids. It’s unsafe and uncurated. I thought, we’ve got to have different ways for children to get information. ClickView is curated, which was a key thing.”

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