History resources for primary schools

Use video to fascinate young learners in your primary History lessons. Covering topics from ancient civilisations to ideas, our primary History collection is a valuable resource for Australian students and teachers alike. Video can bring historical content to life, giving it a contemporary context.

History Resources for Primary Schools

Free primary History videos and teaching resources

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High-quality videos can engage students in class, clarify ideas and bring topics to life. Interactive video helps you conduct formative assessment to check student understanding before or during a unit of work. By layering questions on a video, students are prompted to reflect on what they’re currently learning. Our most popular History videos are available completely free, for a limited time. Find out how ClickView can transform your students’ understanding of History through video.

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Australian Celebrations and Commemorations

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Indigenous Experience After the Arrival

Miniclips: The First Fleet

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The Transformation of Communication


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Before 1788: Indigenous Perspective

Miniclips: The First Fleet

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Viking Life-image
Viking Life
What is the Black Death?-image
What is the Black Death?
The Ancient World -image
The Ancient World


Bring historical content to life

Spanning topics from ancient civilisations to ideas, our History collection is a valuable resource for primary students and teachers alike. Video can help to bring historical content to life, giving it a contemporary context. Discover all the best curated educational content in the library, from ClickView-produced series to feature films, advert-free TV content and more.

An active watching experience

Turn video watching into an active learning experience for your young learners by incorporating an interactive question layer into any library video. Whether you teach Year 1 or Year 5, you can engage any group of students in learning how our world has evolved while you gather instant feedback and data for planning.

Safe for the classroom

We want you to feel confident showing any ClickView History video in your primary classroom. That’s why we’ve carefully classified each one, on topics from International Women’s Day to Remembrance day and more, to help you provide a meaningful real-world, age-appropriate context.

Designed with educational consultants

To ensure all our world-leading content aligns with the Australian Curriculum, we work with an advisory team of subject experts. All supporting resources, such as lesson plans and classroom activities are designed with these educational consultants to align with curriculum outcomes in your primary classroom.

Supports learner engagement

Each ClickView video lesson in the History library has a clearly defined learning intention. You can structure your lessons to use video and supporting resources to help students achieve their goals. Our teaching strategies resources can support you with structuring F-6 lessons to maintain learner engagement and facilitate differentiated learning within your class.

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