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All video content in our primary library is designed specifically for a younger audience. It’s also been carefully chosen for its relevance to the Australian Curriculum. As a Foundation, Year 1 or Year 2 educator, you’ll also find useful teaching resources with each video to support you with your lesson planning and delivery. A ClickView subscription gives you unlimited access.

Foundation - Year 2 lesson plans and teaching resources

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Introducing Area


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Describing 3D Shapes


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Healthy Habits

Miniclips: Wellbeing

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The Calm Frog in the Sunny Pond

Miniclips: Meditation

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Lesson plan ideas for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2

Our extensive collection of visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content has been created specifically to engage young learners and boost their educational outcomes. You’ll find plenty of individual and lesson sequence ideas covering a huge range of topics and themes. Our Miniclips series of short, engaging clips is a great way to consolidate learning or introduce a new topic.

Continents and Oceans-image
Continents and Oceans
Butterflies: Caterpillars in Disguise-image
Butterflies: Caterpillars in Disguise
Describing 2D Shapes-image
Describing 2D Shapes


Animal Adaptations
Where Does Energy Live?


Easy access to contemporary TV content

You have access to the most up-to-the-minute TV content. Discover popular educational programs such as Bluey and Little Lunch, plus every episode of Behind the News (BTN) as an interactive. Our team curate the best of free-to-air TV and Foxtel, and add the programmes into the Primary Library ready for you to explore.

An interactive experience

Add an interactive layer of questions or annotations to any video, transforming it into an effective tool for formative assessment. This experience encourages active learning in the classroom. Learn more about interactive videos.

Straightforward to use

ClickView integrates seamlessly with your school’s systems, such as Seesaw and Google Classroom. You can also show content in your Foundation, Year 1 or Year 2 class confidently, knowing all videos have been carefully classified. Learn more about our integrations.

Created with educational consultants

For your peace of mind, we create our original video content in collaboration with subject matter experts. By making sure it aligns with the Australian Curriculum, we know we’re supporting you and your students as best we can. Learn more about our consultants.

Teaching strategies

Instant feedback from interactive quizzes allows teachers to effectively plan for learning. Find ways to incorporate the full spectrum of High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) into your Foundation, Year 1 or Year 2 classroom using ClickView content and features as a jumping off point.

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