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As an educator for Year 3 or Year 4, you’ll also find useful educational resources with each video to support you with lesson planning and delivery. Get unlimited access to our regularly updated video collection aligned to the Australian Curriculum, plus the best ad-free content from free-to-air TV and Foxtel.

Year 3 and 4 lesson plans and teaching respources

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You can watch our best-loved Year 3 and Year 4 videos free, for a limited time. Discover why and how a huge number of Australian schools already use ClickView content to enhance student outcomes in the primary classroom.

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Australian Celebrations and Commemorations

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What Are Loops?

Miniclips: Algo's Coding Adventures

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Think Twice About Waste


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My Senses Keeping Me Safe

Miniclips: My Body and Brain Working Together

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Countless Year 3 and Year 4 lesson plan ideas

Our extensive collection of curriculum-aligned, rich video content has been created to engage young learners in the classroom and boost their educational outcomes. Within the collection, you’ll find plenty of lesson ideas across a huge range of topics and concepts. Our Miniclips series, for example, is a great way to use video to consolidate a learning or idea, or provide stimulus for a group discussion.

Units of Time-image
Units of Time
Rivers of Australia-image
Rivers of Australia
Global Celebrations: Easter-image
Global Celebrations: Easter


Animal Adaptations
Where Does Energy Live?

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Easy access to current TV content

The Primary Library contains the best curated free-to-air TV content, films and Foxtel programs, ad-free. This includes all the latest Behind the News (BTN) episodes, ready as interactives soon after airing. Many feature films also come with ATOM (Australian Teachers of Media) study guides to help you unpack themes and topics in your classroom.

A critical thinking, interactive experience

Add an interactive layer to any video to transform it into an effective tool for formative assessment. This experience engages students in active learning, while developing important critical reflection skills. Learn more about interactive videos.

Simple to use

ClickView integrates seamlessly with your school’s LMS. You can also show content in your Year 3 or 4 class with confidence, knowing each of our videos has been carefully classified. Learn more about our integrations.

Created with educational consultants

For your peace of mind, we collaborate with subject matter experts. By making sure all our quality video content aligns with the Australian Curriculum, we know we’re supporting you as best we can. Learn more about our consultants.

Teaching strategies

Structure your Year 3 or Year 4 lessons with High Impact Teaching Strategies (HITS) in mind. ClickView resource packs include lesson plans and interactive activities to help you structure effective lessons using video as a teaching tool. Further resources help you implement the full range of teaching strategies in the primary classroom.

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