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From social media and respectful relationships to financial education, your students have a lot to navigate throughout their teenage years. As their PDHPE classroom teacher, you can provide them with some of the essential tools they need for success in an ever-changing world. ClickView offers secondary schools the latest high-quality PDHPE resources and videos, plus all the best free-to-air TV content.

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Watch some of our most popular educational videos for secondary PDHPE classes free. Find out how your department could use a library of carefully curated video content, just like the many schools using ClickView successfully in and out of the classroom.

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Poor Communication and Body Language

Series: 10 Things Not to Do in an Interview

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What is Digital Citizenship?

Series: Social Media Me

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Acute Cardiovascular Responses

Series: Acute Responses to Exercise

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Transition Anxiety

Series: Understanding Anxiety

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With full ClickView access, you can download the secondary PDHPE teacher resource pack for any video. These educational resources, such as lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and suggested classroom activities, are designed to enhance teaching and learning. For a goal setting topic, a worksheet will guide students through the process. For financial education, a blank budget is available to complete.

Lesson Plans

Are You Job Ready? - Communication-image
Are You Job Ready? - Communication
Know Your Finances - Borrowing Money-image
Know Your Finances - Borrowing Money
Drug Awareness - The Voice of Crystal Meth-image
Drug Awareness - The Voice of Crystal Meth

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