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Use video in your Science classes to create a big impact. ClickView offers hundreds of educational videos and supporting resources for secondary Science. Use these to help your students better understand how to make predictions, test hypotheses and conduct experiments in the lab. Covering topics across Biology, Chemistry, Physics and basic skills, ClickView’s Science library is a valuable secondary Science resource.

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High-quality videos can clarify concepts or help students revise for topic or unit tests. Using interactive video, you can even conduct formative assessment to check your students’ level of understanding. Right now, you can access our most popular secondary Science teaching resources for free. Discover how you can work with your library team and ClickView to create a deeper understanding of Science through video.

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Energy of Orbital Systems

Series: Gravity and Motion

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Mitosis and Meiosis

Series: Heredity

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Nuclear Power: Risks and Benefits

Series: Nuclear Energy

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Choosing What to Investigate

Series: How Scientists Work

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With full ClickView access, you can view all videos and download the secondary Science resource pack for any video. These resources, all aligned to the Australian Curriculum, include lesson plans and classroom activities, such as quizzes, to complement each video. Download and print them or adapt and embed them into your LMS to use in class.

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Science Year 7 - Lesson Plan Book-image
Science Year 7 - Lesson Plan Book
Science Year 8 - Lesson Plan Book-image
Science Year 8 - Lesson Plan Book
Science Year 9 - Lesson Plan Book-image
Science Year 9 - Lesson Plan Book


The Cell Cycle and Mitosis
Animal Adaptations

Presentation Slides

An Introduction to Cells
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An Introduction to Microscopes
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The Almighty Food Chain
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