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Technologies play a significant role in evolving contemporary classrooms. Use video to impact student understanding in secondary Technologies. Help students navigate a world where technology across all industries is constantly changing. Spanning topics across the areas of Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies, the ClickView library is a valuable resource for teachers and students alike.

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You can use high-quality video in various ways to support teaching and learning, such as clarify concepts or support test or unit revision. Interactive video helps you undertake formative assessment to assess your students’ current level of understanding. Our most popular Term 2 Technologies resources for secondary schools are available free, for a limited time. Find out how you can create a deeper understanding of Technologies through video.

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Turning Data into Knowledge

Series: The Digital Literacy Series: Ethical Computing

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Impact of New Technologies

Series: Agriculture and Technology

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The Food Labelling Code

Series: FSANZ and Food Safety

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What Is Machine Learning?

Series: Artificial Intelligence

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Did you know ClickView has hundreds of curriculum-aligned technologies videos? Find the most relevant video to include in your lesson plans.

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With full ClickView access, you can view all secondary Technologies videos and download any resource pack. These packs include lesson plans and activities designed to complement each clip. For your peace of mind, all resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Download and print your resources or adapt and embed them into your existing LMS to use in classes.

Lesson Plans

Computational Thinking Skills - How do Computers Think?-image
Computational Thinking Skills - How do Computers Think?
Safety in the Domestic Kitchen-image
Safety in the Domestic Kitchen
Launching a Food Product - Market Research -image
Launching a Food Product - Market Research

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Engaging content for digital natives

Help secondary students navigate a world where technology across all industries is constantly changing. Alongside our ever-evolving ClickView-produced collection, ClickView TV gives you access to a huge selection of documentaries, news broadcasts and other programmes to support the teaching of Technologies.

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Download and print your Technologies resources or adapt and embed them into your existing learning management system to use in classes. Your subscription gives you complete access to all resource packs, including lesson plans, worksheets and classroom activities aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Designed by Technologies experts

We regularly update our video and resources collection with ClickView-produced video content. Our Technologies resources are developed in collaboration with subject experts, who have a deep understanding of both the curriculum and the Technologies classroom.

Track student progress

Use interactive videos to track student understanding through a Technologies unit of work. Encourage critical student reflection on progress, while you gather valuable data to inform your lesson planning.

Teaching strategies

Access resources to help you implement a range of teaching strategies, such as questioning, into your secondary Technologies classroom using ClickView as a starting point. Create an interactive video with a variety of questioning techniques to create an active learning experience, while gathering useful data to inform the next steps in learning.