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Why we use ClickView

Watch this video and hear from various secondary schools around Australia as to why they use ClickView.

Customer testimonial

Engaging students through interactive videos

Learn about how Brighton Secondary School uses ClickView’s interactive videos to encourage active learning.

Success stories from educators across Australia

St Angela’s

St Angela’s Primary School

Louise Lean, Teacher/Technology coordinator

“We needed somewhere we could access video resources without having to deal with advertisements and pop ups. Something that we knew was legitimate and relevant and saved us time searching endlessly. ”

Bomaderry High School

Bomaderry High School

Matthew Devlin, Teacher Librarian

“I would highly recommend Clickview as students and staff can have quality educational videos available 24/7. It suits our school for BYOD, as staff can upload content directly into Google Classroom. ”

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Queensland University of Technology

Ruari Elkington, Associate Lecturer

“Knowing that there is an additional, high-quality pool of content available and that excellent support from ClickView is available to access to access that content, is an enormous asset at the tertiary level.”


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