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In TAFE and tertiary settings, video is becoming more important than ever as a way to engage students in innovative, dynamic learning. ClickView produces video content and teaching resources to support students and educators in TAFEs across Australia. This collection of video content supports the teaching of units of competency from Australian training packages and certifications.

Which department do you need resources for?

Choose your subject below and browse the collection of video content available to enhance student learning outcomes in your classes. We have more than 3,000 dynamic and engaging educational videos spanning a breadth of subjects, including health and business, plus instructional content for trades, hospitality and tourism, and more. Create or access ready-made interactive videos for formative assessment or to track student progress. Our supporting educational resources, such as lesson plans, can save you planning time.


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Created with vocational learning in mind

ClickView is ideally suited to hands-on TAFE subjects, with educators able to record and upload their own instructional videos demonstrating explicit teaching of skills and techniques. Similarly, students can record and upload practical assessment videos.

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Time-saving teaching resources

ClickView videos in the Tertiary Library come with associated TAFE teaching resources, such as lesson plans, activities and worksheets, to help save you time with lesson planning, and enhance formative and summative assessment.

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Tertiary Library supports the teaching of course content

We release new ClickView original and other licensed curated videos every 6 weeks. Many of these support the teaching of current course content and units of competency requirements.

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Seamless integration

ClickView is compatible with your existing systems, including easy access through Single Sign-On. Powerful integrations embed resources to support further discovery through your library management system.

Access from anywhere
Access ClickView from anywhere

You and your students have access to the ClickView platform for videos, content and resources, anywhere, at any time, even without an internet connection. Find out more about remote learning with ClickView.

Centralised, cloud-based content management

The cloud-based Library Editor gives TAFEs the option to centrally manage their resources for students and to build out a content library of their own. TAFEs can centrally curate, manage and share video resources, including selecting which titles are available to students.

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Streamlined organisation
  • Create folders for specific departments or subject groups within departments.
  • Make content easy to find for students. Upload it from your Workspace to your TAFE’s library so it appears in the search results.
Easy resource sharing
  • Your own TAFE’s library is a secure centralised place to access and share resources internally, across departments and campuses.
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Formative assessment for TAFE

ClickView interactive videos are useful resources in any department within an SSO-enabled TAFE environment. By adding an interactive layer to any video, you can encourage the students in your lectures to check their understanding and critically reflect on key learnings.

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How does interactive video work?

Embedding questions or problems transforms video watching from passive to active in just a few clicks. Find specific videos, add different question types and then use the in-built analytics to make sure students understand the topic content.

How will my students benefit?

Using interactive video can help your students develop skills in critical reflection and higher order thinking. Making students aware of their progress can also help them stay motivated and engaged in lectures. ClickView lets you store formative assessment evidence safely and securely, to help you track student progress.

Teaching strategies for further and higher education

ClickView provides great quality video content, empowering you to create rich learning experiences. Working closely with expert lecturers, we regularly produce our own original series covering a huge range of subjects.

"ClickView has proven to be a great investment for Chisholm, providing us with affordable, quality, reliable content. I happily recommend ClickView to other institutions."
Maureen Ambrose, Learner Support Officer

Chisholm Institute

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