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Here you can find tutorial videos and manuals to help administrators understand how our different applications work together.

Free science lesson plans

Free Lesson Plan Books for Science and English

We understand how overwhelming and time-consuming planning your next lesson can be. Let ClickView help with your next science or English class with our free lesson plan books.

Our lesson plans are accompanied by captivating videos from our Curriculum Library. Download your free copy today.

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Student Walkthrough

A walkthrough of ClickView for students

Show your students how they can access ClickView to find relevant video resources to support their learning.

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Interactive Videos Tutorial

How to create an interactive video

Follow Rupert as he shows you how to easily create interactive videos that will actively engage your students.

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Flipped Lessons Tutorial

How to add flipped lessons to ClickView

In this video, Rupert will show how easy it is to create, review and publish flipped lessons with ClickView.

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Train the Trainer Image

Train the Trainer Guide

This document is one of the free Professional Learning options available to help your school adopt innovative teaching practices such as the ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach.

This comprehensive guide covers various topics from identifying the right ClickView video using Albert, to editing a free-to-air TV programme to share with students.

This training document comes with professional activities to train beginners and advanced ClickView users.

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