Welcome to ClickView TV

Welcome to ClickView TV

With our advanced TV recording service you get access to thousands of TV programmes every week.

ClickView TV is the easiest way to find, edit and keep the TV programmes you want to share with your students.

Using subtitle search, you can easily keep up to date with the latest news, current affairs and scientific breakthroughs.

No time to edit out the adverts from the best educational TV programmes? Our ClickView Curation Team will do it for you!

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ClickView TV

ClickView TV Ad-Free

We’re happy to remove all the adverts for you!

With ClickView TV, you and your staff can request ad-free versions of any programme from the last 14 days.

This means we do all the manual work required to remove a programme’s ads and select the audience rating, leaving you more time to do what really matters: delivering the best educational videos to your students.

Current & relevant content for lessons

With ClickView, TV programmes are available shortly after airing so you can embed the most recent clips into your lesson plans.

Never miss a TV programme ever again

We continuously record 18 Australian TV free-to-air channels and make the programmes available to you for 14 days.

Search and find relevant clips in seconds

Using subtitle search, you can easily keep up to date with the latest news, current affairs and scientific breakthroughs.

Watch TV programmes on any mobile device

Our apps give you the best browsing experience to explore content recorded from free-to-air TV, anywhere, anytime.

Access the largest TV archive for educators

When you subscribe to ClickView you automatically access over 32,000 videos shared by educators all around Australia.

Get plenty of space to save your videos

With 1TB of Cloud storage for your school, every teacher gets a personal space to save their favourite TV programmes.

ClickView TV

Don’t miss the best educational TV content

It can be hard to know what programmes will be relevant and useful to your lesson plans.

At ClickView we do the hard work for you, and provide subscribers with a fortnightly TV Guide of the best educational programmes that will air over the next two weeks.

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Browse the TV programmes contributed by our community

The ClickView Exchange is a community for educators. Over 32,674 of the best educational programmes from free-to-air TV have been shared and made available to ClickView schools. Browse by category or topic, and share any video with your students.

ClickView TV

Some of the channels included with ClickView TV

Want to learn more about ClickView TV?

We would be more than happy to show you how your teachers can benefit from using educational TV content in the classroom.

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