Welcome to ClickView!

We’re thrilled to welcome all of EnhanceTV’s schools, teachers and students to ClickView, which is already used by 9 in 10 secondary students and 1 in 2 primary students. From April 19 2021, you will have complete access to thousands of additional educational videos, lesson plans and resources for your students.

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The best content and resources for teaching and learning

Get your year off to a great start. We’ve put together the best content and resources for you to use in your classrooms to engage students in learning.

In our curated collections, you’ll find:

  • Our most popular video content for primary and secondary
  • Educational resources, such as lesson plans, to support effective learning and teaching.
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Handpicked TV content for the classroom

We record free-to-air channels plus Foxtel channels from the past 14 days. You’ll never miss the perfect documentary or foreign film for your students, even if you didn’t record it yourself. Immerse students in a topic or unit of work, or provide valuable context to your lessons.

Join a community of educators who have access to over 40,000 of the best educational programmes from free-to-air TV. Only schools, colleges and universities with a ClickView subscription can take advantage of this extensive library.

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Get Started with Video Tutorials

Watch the following short videos for a quick overview of some of the key ClickView features.

ClickView walkthrough: teachers

ClickView walkthrough: students

How do I log into ClickView?

This quick video shows you how to log into ClickView. The process applies to both staff and students.

How do I search for content?

There are two types of search on ClickView: A general keyword search and a search tool based on the ACARA curriculum mapping.

How do I play and share content?

How to play videos, access closed captions and printable resources, and share content with students.

How do I find more training?

The ClickView Training Channel contains more short, concise video tutorials on how to use ClickView.

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Free training webinar sessions

Browse free webinar training sessions designed to help you get the most out of ClickView in a teaching, admin or IT capacity. Whether you're new to the platform, or looking to upskill, you'll find short, easy-to-follow training sessions led by our advisors to suit your needs.

Welcome to ClickView resources

To get you off to a great start this ClickView, we’ve put together a starter pack of essential resources. Share them with your staff to make sure everyone’s up-to-date with ClickView and what it can do for your school community.

In the pack you’ll find:

  • School Information Guide Essential information for all new and returning schools.
  • Teaching & Learning Strategies poster Display it in your classroom to inspire creative ideas for teaching.
  • Parent Information Flyer Everything parents need to know, including important video safety guidelines.
  • Customisable letters for staff and parents We’ve prepared back-to-school letters with important ClickView information
Free training and webinar sessions

ClickView FAQs

Our Product Specialists are on hand to help you make your experience as seamless as possible. If you would like further support, please visit our Help Centre.

Who can access ClickView?
ClickView is a video learning solution that both teachers and students can access. ClickView is a cloud-based solution meaning it can be accessed at home and at school, anywhere, anytime.
What training and support will be available?
ClickView will support your training needs every step of the way. We provide Professional Development sessions which can be catered to meet your learning style. They include a series of ClickView training webinars, academy events, training channel and on-site staff training sessions.
I am new to ClickView, how do I log in?
Starting 19 April 2021, you will be able to sign into ClickView using your EnhanceTV user credentials.
Is ClickView a safe learning environment?
ClickView uses authentication to access the closed system. Content can only be accessed by those that have a log in. Student viewing is governed by a rating system determined by the school and all data is stored in Australia therefore governed by Australian Law.